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Yellow and blue

Photo of a bottle in the gutter

I can't get my head around it, but I seem oddly busy for someone who is not currently employed full-time. I'm starting to think that I fit more work in simply because time is more "flexible".

Things I've been up to:

... all this on top of other "normal" stuff.

I finally finished "The Adventures of Augie March". It's a deceptively small book, though the thickness of a book is not necessarily a good indication of how long it might take you to read it; my copy consisted of really thin paper dotted with small print. Called "The Great American Novel" by some, I am somewhat ashamed to say that I only learned of its existence through the name of a band I rather like. It has taken me nearly two months to get through the tale, which begun slow and somewhat sluggish, but picked up pace about halfway and kind of sped through till the end. Still, it was an enjoyable read, and since I'd regretfully closed the backcover, I've missed following Augie's stumble through life in the moments when words call.

Posted by sniffles at May 13, 2004 01:18 AM